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ClaimsBridge - Who We Are

Who We Are

The principals behind ClaimsBridge® are a strong team of professionals with diverse experience in multiple segments of the healthcare industry.

Originally founded to provide consulting and software solutions for MCOs and PPOs, IHS recognized an opportunity in providing a managed gateway for healthcare EDI transactions, and ClaimsBridge ConnectSM was born. IHS has marketed its ClaimsBridge Connect product since 2001.

ClaimsBridge Connect unites independent entities in a common network, to leverage the shared information required by each of them, and to offer a proven collective/joint for the entities to achieve compliance. In 2010, a builder of custom provider networks had ClaimsBridge build the infrastructure to support their Medicare based provider networks. In 2012, ClaimsBridge was asked to take over the building and maintaining of the custom provider networks. Since then we have continued to expand and build new ClaimsBridge Custom Provider Networks into multiple markets. ClaimsBridge DirectSM was born.

Our growth is a direct result of our reputation with our clients and their word-of-mouth referrals. As a result, we have connection to over 100 networks.


ClaimsBridge is a team of IT professionals with experience in healthcare and financial management. With expertise in provider and payer operational environments, our well-rounded staff provides healthcare service organizations with solutions to enhance information processing services which can significantly reduce claim processing time, effort and costs.

Robert Schmidt, President, Director, and Founder

For the past thirty-five years, Mr. Schmidt has been responsible for the sales, marketing, development, and acquisition of software and services related to health care. As Vice President–Product Marketing for Kreg Corporation, a Healthcare Decision Support System Company, Mr. Schmidt managed all phases of product development, packaging and marketing for Kreg’s Hospital Managed Care software and services. He was Wheaton Systems’ President and CEO for four years. Wheaton was a Hospital Financial Management Software and Services Company. Mr. Schmidt acquired this business, reorganized and positioned it for acquisition. Kreg Corporation purchased Wheaton in 1995.

As Micah Systems’ Vice President of Business Development, he turned around an unprofitable division of this provider of Hospital Information Software and Systems. After successfully re-establishing the decision support division he was assigned to work with the company’s other unprofitable division.

At Scientific Time Sharing Corporation, the country’s largest provider of APL based time sharing services, Mr. Schmidt successively performed as a Branch Sales Manager, a Regional Vice President and ultimately Vice President of U.S. Sales. The company provided financial decision support systems and services for Fortune 500 companies, some which were in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Mr. Schmidt attended Lehigh University where he received a BS in Electrical Engineering and a MS in Management Science.

Jak Eskinazi, Vice President and Technical Director

Mr. Eskinazi has extensive (35+ years) experience in full life cycle software development and deployment of mission critical projects. These skills include development of functional specifications, design of the software internals, design of the user interface, the actual programming, testing, deployment and development of internal documentation.

As a Senior Developer at Budgeting Technology Inc, Mr. Eskinazi designed, developed and deployed of a complex, fund accounting based budgeting system aimed at state, county and city governments. Features include budget entry, ad-hoc reporting, cost allocations, interfaces to external financial systems, what-if modeling capabilities and a full featured salary and benefit forecasting module.

At Wheaton Systems, Mr. Eskinazi was heavily involved in the development of a Financial Management System for hospitals. Features included Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross reimbursement formulae and methodologies, budgeting, cost accounting, revenue enhancement modeling. At one point the software was deployed to as many as 250 hospitals.

Mr. Eskinazi's career started at Scientific Time Sharing Corporation as a junior programmer where he acquired both programming and financial analysis skills.

Dr. Eskinazi attended Syracuse University where he earned a BS in Chemistry and phD in Education.

Jason Werner, CIO

Mr. Werner comes to IHS with over 19 years of Healthcare IT consulting experience. Concentrating on the technical and programming side of the Healthcare services environment, he comes to us with a wide range of experience. Jason's projects varied quite a bit, from installing VA hospital systems, to designing and implementing a practice management system, to simple reporting needs for small and regional managed care organizations.

Before joining IHS, he spent 10 years as a Senior Consultant at Oleen Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting. Oleen's client base was primarily managed care organizations and ranged from small regional Medicaid centers to large Blue Cross organizations. Jason's primary focus at Oleen was on the technical side of projects, generally working as a lead programmer on many of Oleen's projects. With expertise in several programming languages as well as the innards of many managed care systems, he was often the primary programmer supporting several analytical teams at once.

Prior to Oleen, Jason worked for Total Healthcare Inc., a MCO serving the Medicaid population within Baltimore City. Starting as a programmer, he eventually ended up as interim IT Director during the acquisition of THC by Blue Cross/Carefirst of Maryland. He worked prior at Dau-Sentient a government project oriented Healthcare consulting firm in Washington DC.

Mr. Werner has a BS in Computer Science from Lafayette College in Easton PA.

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