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Welcome to ClaimsBridge®

We provide solutions that help third party administrators (TPAs), payers and healthcare networks (e.g. PPOs, PHOs etc.) gain more control over healthcare coverage and costs. Our products and services give more control and options over healthcare decisions with the Custom Provider Network set-up and management, ClaimsBridge Connects EDI transaction management, claim conversion services, data validation and scrubbing, repricing and routing services with web portal solution capabilities.

Custom Provider Networks

IHS's Custom Provider Network is a practical alternative for self-funded employers seeking more control over healthcare coverage and costs. Working with the TPA and employer, we replace the "one size fits all" network with a cost-effective custom network created around the needs of your business and employees. Our Custom Provider Network provides unmatched flexibility for the most efficient, cost effective coverage possible.

Each network is completely customized to the client's business needs. Employers simply give us a list of providers (physicians, hospitals and ancillary care) that they want in-network and the IHS team handles the network set-up (provider recruiting, negotiations and contracting) and the ongoing management.

ClaimsBridge® Connects

We call our suite of services and solutions ClaimsBridge Connects. ClaimsBridge securely connects healthcare providers, PPOs, TPAs and payers over the internet so they can provide rapid, accurate, and cost effective auto-pre-adjudication of institutional, professional and dental claims.

All ClaimsBridge Connects services are designed to connect the various entities involved in adjudicating and managing healthcare claims, to optimize their tasks through efficient design and flexible solutions and reduced redundancy. Clients simply choose which Connects services best meet their needs at a given time.

Our suite of services include: EDI transaction Management, Claim Conversion Services, Data Validation and scrubbing, Repricing, Routing Services, with Web Portal Solution capabilities.

Our Promise to each of our Customers is to:

  • Understand - Thoroughly understand your unique goals and requirements
  • Deliver on Promises - Provide a secure, dependable product that provides the desired features
  • Be efficient - Bring you online with a minimal set-up time and training
  • Support - Provide the highest level of ongoing support and value, creating a partnership that delivers results
  • Continue Improving - Continue to offer new features that keep you competitive.

Innovative Healthware Services is agile in deployment of solutions that are customized to each client's specific needs and requirements and are fully scalable to accommodate their growth.

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